ALAN FRASER – Curriculum Vitae 2015

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Conference Presentations

2016        OMTA (Ohio Music Teachers Association) Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker –
Recital, Lectures, Master Class.
2015        CFMTA (Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations) Bi-annual Convention,
Vancouver, Canada: Wellness & Use of the Body – Biotensegrity, the Skeleton &
Musicianship at the Piano.

2015        MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachers Association) Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker: 3 Presentations,
Master Class & Lecture Recital: Rachmaninoff & Goethe – Faust & the D minor Piano
Sonata Op. 28

2014        TMTA (Texas Music Teachers Association), Houston: Using Technique to Improve Your
Professional, Performing and Teaching Life

2014        MTNA Annual Convention, Chicago: New Strategies for Wellness and Artistic Integrity in
Piano Playing

2013        CFMTA Bi-Annual Convention, Halifax, Canada: Your Mind, Your Skeleton &
Feldenkrais at the Piano

2013        EPTA International Annual Convention, Dusseldorf, Germany: Qualities of Emotion
and of Touch: Internal vs. External Motion in Music Performance

2012        PMTA (Pensacola Music Teachers Association) Annual Meeting, Pensacola, Florida:
Master Class, Recital & Presentation: The Hand’s Arches: Unsuspected Source of
Power and Artistic Expression in Piano Playing

2011        MMTA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN: You Can Play the Piano With Your Skeleton?
2011        EPTA Netherlands Annual Meeting, Nunspeet, Holland: The Mind, The Skeleton,
The Piano – Towards a New Pedagogy

2010        World Piano Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia: Feldenkrais for Pianists and other Musicians
2009        University of St. Thomas Summer Workshops in Piano Pedagogy,
Minneapolis-St. Paul: 1-day presentation & master class
2008        EPTA Austria Annual Meeting, Linz, Austria: Master Class – Feldenkrais at the
Piano for a More Artistic Piano Technique
2008        CFMTA/MTNA Wellness Symposium, New York: Empowering Musicians –
Mind, Body & Spirit: 1-day seminar:
The “Body”
2007        EPTA Serbia Annual Conference, Novi Sad: “Skeletal-Based” Piano Technique
2007        German Feldenkrais Guild Annual Convention, Düsseldorf: New Strategies to
Empower the Body’s Relationship to the Piano

2006        German Feldenkrais Guild Annual Convention, Stuttgart: The Craft of Piano
Playing DVD – Bringing Feldenkrais to the Piano

2004        EPTA UK Annual Meeting, Bath, UK: The Craft of Piano Playing and Feldenkrais
Exercises for Pianists

2003        ISSTIP Summer Course, Trinity College, London: Feldenkrais for Musicians
2002        Conference on Music & Medicine, King’s College, London: Effective Use of the
Skeletal Frame at the Piano

2001        World Piano Pedagogy Conference, Orlando, Florida: panel member,
Musicians & Wellness Symposium

Book & DVD Publications

2016        Skeletal Wisdom: Reuniting Mind & Body with Feldenkrais (148 pp, Maple Grove Music Productions (MGMP), Novi Sad, Serbia)
2016        The Craft of Piano Playing for Kids: Skeletal-Based Piano Technique in Your Teaching Studio (172 pp., MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2016        Transforming the Pianistic Self-Image: Your Inner Conductor, Expressively Directed Micro-Timing and Biotensegrity at the Piano
(370 pp., MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2014        Piano! Die neue Leichtigkeit des Klavierspiels (The Craft of Piano Playing, German translation) Von Loeper Verlag, Karlsruhe
2014        Nos Deux Mains Gauches (All Thumbs, French translation) (325 pp., MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2012        All Thumbs: Well-Coordinated Piano Technique (320 pp., MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2011        Ume
ća Sviranje Klavir (The Craft of Piano Playing, Serbian translation) (CLIO Publishing House, Belgrade, Serbia)
2011        The Craft of Piano Playing: A New Approach to Piano Technique, 2nd Edition (500 pp., Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MD)
2010        Honing the Pianistic Self-Image: Skeletal-Based Piano Technique (420 pp., MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2009        A Study Guide to The Craft of Piano Playing (60 pp., MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2006        The Craft of Piano Playing: A New Approach to Piano Technique – DVD (90 min., (MGMP, Novi Sad, Serbia)
2003        The Craft of Piano Playing: A New Approach to Piano Technique (450 pp., Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MD)

Journal Publications & Reviews

2010         MTNA E-zine Journa article: Discovering the Thumb: the Hand’s Flying Buttress
2009        MTNA E-zine Journal article: Discovering the Hand’s Skeleton & Sensory-Motor Education
2009        MTNA E-zine Journal article: Discovering Unstable Equilibrium in Our Bodies & Hands
2008        PianoNews, Germany article: Rubinstein, Cathedral Arches & the Hand’s Skeleton
2005        ISSTIP Journal, UK article: My ‘Conversion Experience’ with Arm Weight
2007        American Music Teacher: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – DVD review
2007        La Lettre du Musicien, France: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – DVD review
2006        International Piano, UK: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – DVD review
2006        PianoNews, Germany: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – DVD review
2004        PIANO Magazine, UK: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – book review
2004        Piano Professional Magazine (EPTA UK): The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – book review, Nadia Lasserson
2004        ISSTIP Journal, UK: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – book review, Manus Carey
2003        American Music Teacher: The Craft of Piano Playing by Alan Fraser – book review, Louis Nagel

Recitals – Selected

August 2015            St. Paul’s Church, Charlottetown
August 2015            The Kings Theatre, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
September 2014     The Colmar Conservatoire, Colmar, France
September 2014     The Chava Shelav Feldenkrais Centre, Vussem, Germany
August 2013            Pamoja Hall, Sevenoaks School, Sevenoaks, Kent, Great Britain
January 2012           Freies Muzik Centrum, Stuttgart, Germany
July 2013                 Earle Recital Hall, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
July 2012                 Concord Community Music School, Concord, New Hampshire, USA
July 2012                 Helen Hills Chapel, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
April 2011               Bonn Piano Center, Bonn, Germany
October 2009          Heidelberg Town Hall, Heidelberg, Germany

CD Recording

1997             Russian Recital (unreleased)


2011-date               Director and Chief Instructor, The Alan Fraser Piano Institute
2006-date               Artistic Director and Head of Research & Development, Maple Grove Music Productions, Novi Sad, Serbia
1992-date               Independent Expert Co-Worker, piano, The Art Academy of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Websites    ; ; ;

Academic Degrees

1990-1999               Post-Graduate Specializations, Piano Performance, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Kemal Gekić, professor
1992                        Professional Diploma in the Feldenkrais Method, Hawaii, Jerry Karzen, Educational Director
1987                        Master’s of Music, Piano Performance, McGill University, Montreal, Tom Plaunt, professor
1984                        Diploma in Advanced Music Performance Studies, Piano, Concordia University, Montreal, Phil Cohen, professor
                       Bachelor of Music, Honours Theory, McGill University, Montreal
1972                        High School Leaving Diploma, Lower Canada College, Montreal

Scholarships & Awards

1990-99                   Full Tuition Scholarship recipient, Government of Yugoslavia
Travel Scholarship, International Council for Canadian Studies
FCAR Full Tuition Scholarship for Master’s Studies, Quebec Government
The Philip Cohen Prize, Concordia University, Montreal
University Scholarship, McGill University, Montreal
Full tuition scholarship, Lower Canada College, Montreal

Home Address

Nehruova 174, IV/43
11070 New Belgrade, Serbia

Emails ; ;


Home:  +381 (11) 215-7249     Canadian cell:  +1 (514) 557-3441    US cell:   +1 (347) 302-2489
Cell:  +381 (64) 225-3205    German cell:  +49 (170) 695-9415   UK cell:  +44 (740) 457-0323    French cell: +33 6 98 98 46 82



1) Professor Kemal Gekich, Artist in Residence
Florida International University School of Music
PC 543, University Park, Miami, Florida 33199 USA
Telephone: (305) 931-4316; Fax: (305) 348-1908

2) Professor Katherine Faricy
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Ave., BEC 9
St. Paul, MN  55105, USA
Telephone: (952) 934-3852

3) Professor Reinhard Becker
Der Staatlichen Hochschule Fur Musik Trossingen
Schultheis-Koch Platz 3
78647 Trossingen, Germany
Telephone: +49 (7425) 94-910

4) Professor Emeritus Philip Cohen
Concordia University
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West,
Montreal, Quebec,
Canada H3G 1M8
Telephone: (514) 484-5700

Work Address:

The Art Academy of Novi Sad
Djure Jaksica 7
21000 Novi Sad
Telephone: +381 (21) 422-176

Home Address:
174 Nehruova Avenue, II/43
11073 New Belgrade

Landline: +381 (11) 215-7249
Mobile: +381 (64) 225-3205

Websites: ,

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