Photos & Images

Browse through our collections of Alan Fraser photos & images – portraits, candid teaching shots, formal and informal photos of Fraser in performance, and of course, Sonya Ardan’s illustrations of Fraser’s hand for his two books. Some of these can be found in high resolution in our Press Kit section. You are free to download and use them for publicity purposes.

Alan Fraser Portraits – Sonya Ardan

Alan Fraser in classic and informal photo portraits by Sonya Ardan plus an extended series of piano teaching shots showing his vitality and exuberance, his total engagement with his metier…  Available for download in high resolution from the Press Kit section of this site.

Alan Fraser Portraits – Reena Vukobratovich

Reena Vukobratovich, a young aspiring photographer in Novi Sad, came over one evening in the spring of 2006 to take some photos of Alan Fraser. Reena has the knack of catching that moment when the artist forgets his surroundings and becomes really at one with the music. These pics show Alan Fraser in the intimate environment of his home, totally involved with the drama unfolding under his fingers…

All photos © 2006 Reena Vukobratovich

The Landowska Steinway

Alan Fraser recently acquired a unique instrument: the 1942 New York Steinway B used by Wanda Landowska to record her immortal performances of several Mozart piano sonatas in the mid-1950′s. In mint condition and with the original hammers, this instrument has a sound like no other Steinway Fraser has heard. He plans an eventual “Hommage to Landowska” album featuring some of the same sonatas on the same instrument, but captured with modern day recording equipment.

For now however we offer these photos of the Landowska Steinway with her proud new owner.