A Standing ATM

Stand up and sense how you stand. Is your weight evenly distributed on your two feet, or are you weighted slightly more to the left or right? How does your weight go down through the soles of your feet into the floor, along the outside edge of your foot, mainly on the heel or the ball of your foot? The inside? The middle? Is it the same left and right? Sway a little as you stand, as if a gentle breeze was blowing and it made you sway like a willow tree in the wind. How does that feel? This is your reference movement.

1. Shift your weight gradually, slightly onto your right foot. How does this change where the weight goes on that foot? How does it change how you stand? Do you lean more or do you stay vertical?

While on that side, try to change where the weight of your body presses through your foot into the floor: on purpose make your weight go more

  • along the outside edge of your foot.
  • on the ball of your foot
  • along the inside edge of your foot
  • on your heel

Notice this makes a kind of circle… did your body describe a circle as well? Could you feel yourself swaying around as your weight shifted, or did your body stay in the middle?

Try doing this again, this time consciously using your body to help shift your weight from one part of your foot to another. And of course, try different variations: reverse the direction of the circle, go back and forth or side to side, or along the diagonal…. Make up your own variations, all the time sensing how the sensation of your weight going through that particular part of your foot makes your body stand a particular way – more straight, more leaning, more forward, more back, more left, more right…

Stand normally again, and notice what has changed in your sensation of yourself: how does the sole of your right foot feel now? Your leg? Your torso? Your arms? Your head and neck?

2. All the same but on your left foot.

That’s it!

It’s a very simple lesson but you can learn a great deal if you do it with sensitivity, patience, and most important, curiosity!

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