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American Music Teacher Feb-Mar 2007

“If you are already familiar with his book, then you will want this DVD to benefit from the audio-visual dimension and demonstration of his ideas. If you don’t own this book, this DVD may intrigue your curiosity enough to want to read it… Fraser often physically demonstrates his points both at and away from the piano in an effective, and often, humorous manner… Any teacher or pianist inquisitive about developing a good, healthy technique should explore all thoughtful insights and resources—including this one. “

La Lettre du Musicien (France) Jan. 2007

“… amateurs and teachers alike will find here a highly interesting and useful tool that could well become the basis of their ‘school…’ The proposed method is in effect a synthesis of the best pedagogical techniques… As it is, the DVD is useful not only to pianists but to all instrumentalists searching for a better understanding of the hand and arm. And it must be said that it can even help non-musicians who use their hands in their professional activities – for example computer operators who suffer from tendonitis – because at the heart of this DVD (issued in several languages including French) lie the fundamental principles of movement of the hand and arm. “

International Piano (UK) Nov-Dec 2006

“Fraser fronts this well-produced DVD, and is an engaging and informative host. Although the DVD can be used in conjunction with the book, it also works well on its own… A well-designed interface for the DVD makes moving between sections and finding specific exercises very straightforward. Although it is aimed at teachers, this DVD should also prove to be a very useful resource for any player interested in hand technique. “