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PIANO Magazine UK (Nov-Dec 2004)

“… the most detailed and intensive study of the subject since Otto Ortmann’s seminal work, The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique (1929)… While the book may at first appear to treat physical phenomena in isolation, its whole raison d’être is more eloquently to communicate the emotional, spiritual, philosophical and dramatic content of the music we play.”

American Music Teacher (Oct-Nov 2003)

“Alan Fraser has written a formidable and insightful volume on piano tech­nique… A course based on the content of this book alone, especially the lengthy first section, strikes me as a possibility for a pedagogy teacher… “

ISSTIP UK Journal (Jan 2004)

“…astoundingly profound knowledge of body movement and structure… Despite its length and attention to detail this study avoids the dryness of many pedagogical manuals and is delivered with wit and charm, openness and a strong clarity of Intention and thought, making it incredibly user friendly… “