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A Piano Technique for Horowitz’s Steinway – an amazing instrument

“Well it happened, I finally got my chance on the Horowitz Steinway. I heard Kemal Gekic played it Wednesday evening at La Gorca country club, and they took a day to move it back to the Steinway gallery, so it was Friday when Misha Dacic and I had the whole place to ourselves. Wednesday itself was quite an experience. At the rehearsal, we could tell that no ordinary way of touching the piano would do the trick. Many people don’t like the piano – I think it is because they haven’t figured out how to coax that golden sound from it…”

Sound & Tonal Colour in Piano Technique: The Horowitz Steinway

“To access this tonal quality in playing any piano, listening must take precedence in your attention over anything physical. We work a lot on developing the strength, sensitivity and organization of the hand, but there’s a very real danger that our concern with physical issues ends up hampering us from playing well, because if your listening is even just a little less than total, your physical mechanism won’t have the demands made on it to do the job right…”

The high arch vs. flat fingers in piano technique

“Did I mention here that I recently had the extreme good fortune to acquire a 1942 New York Steinway B once owned by Wanda Landowska? This piano has changed my life. And largely due to its influence, the collision between two diametrically opposed piano techniques I have been describing here has begun to reach some sort of detente…”