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Using Piano Technique to Bridge the Left & Right Brains

My lessons with Marko, the adult amateur I mentioned in my last post, have fascinated me for a number of reasons. For one, we are working together via the Internet as he lives in France while I am in Belgrade. I worried about teaching on Skype because normally my lessons are very tactile. But I’ve discovered that I can do something similar to what a Feldenkrais practitioner does in group ATM lessons – to formulate my verbal commands so specifically that my words become the equivalent of touch.

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A piano technique to bridge the left and right brains

“Welcome to your right brain,” I told him. “Your decades of computer experience and logical thinking have developed one side of you to the extreme while neglecting your other side totally. What we want to do is get the right brain involved, and it will feel strange to you. What we need to do is build bridges across the divide between the brains, and attaching a physical movement to a sequence of musical notes is the most tangible way of transforming them from a discreet series of separate entities into an organic shape…”

The Horowitz Steinway: ultimate challenge in piano technique

“Let’s say I had been getting silvery sheen surrounding each note, but now, with a slightly fatter sense of the melodic finger in key (but not produced by anything like a heavier touch) that sheen started shifting in hue, becoming more golden. Imagine a painter painting in the style of Seurat with tiny dot brush strokes and then switching to a slightly fatter brush for wider daubs of colour, let’s say more like Van Gogh. The colour seems just as rich, perhaps richer, but there’s a slight loss of differentiation, of fine variegation…”