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Piano technique that brings music to life neurologically

“When he got the arm choreography he got rhythmic life, ability and accuracy. He had acquired a new ability, a new mode of relating to the musical line…”

Feldenkrais and Compulsion – Not Just a ‘Physical’ Method

I explained to him how every thought has a muscular component, and how the state of the muscles has an effect on thoughts – they are intermingled, linked inextricably. So when his brain picked up on the signals I was sending and brought his overall state of muscle tonus into greater equilibrium, his thoughts also let go their ‘habitual chronic contractions…’

Linking Musical Intention to Physical Organization in Piano Technique

One guy especially, Aleksandar, kept insisting that this focus on the physical was a distraction. For instance, he told me, “I kept missing a bass note and my teacher said I wasn’t listening to it enough, and when I listened better, I hit it every time…”