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Stable and Unstable Equilibrium in Piano Technique

If we cultivate the sense of unstable equilibrium, as Feldenkrais describes it, in our hand as it stands on each finger that depresses a key, we quickly arrive at something that has just as much structural integrity as T’ai Chi walking but a lot more moveability…

Kemal Gekic: Legato Vs. Non-Legato in Piano Technique

Amazingly enough, at a certain point physical legato, which I made the foundation stone of my whole approach to piano technique, becomes limiting rather than empowering…

My first blog entry – playing an acoustically ‘wet’ hall

June 7th, 2007

The creation of a piano technique blog

We just created this thing and I have no experience with blogs – I never read one or commented on one! However, we thought it would be a Good Thing to have some sort of online journal where I could share with you my latest musings, ramblings, insights, observations, experiences with students, experiences with my own playing.

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