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Update to Legato Vs. Non-Legato in Piano Technique

if you go completely non-legato you will eventually lose control, so you need to fine tune the DEGREE of skeletal connection…

Developing Piano Technique at an Advanced Age

“It’s not easy… the old reflexes, the old habits that inadvertently limited us, have this irritating tendency to be very tenacious. Getting rid of the old way is actually much more difficult than learning the new way… But if you are diligent, you can make real progress, even by using the book and film on your own…”

Arm weight & arch structure in piano technique

“The best practitioners of the Arm Weight school, pianists like Claudio Arrau, Yonty Solomon, Carola Grindea or Raymond Banning, always manifest very prominently the hand’s arch structure that is one of the central tenets of my work, although they never talk about it…