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Using a whole body piano technique to enrich musical expression

“I suggested that he imagine his body like a pencil balanced vertically, seemingly ‘hanging by a thread,’ in a state of unstable equilibrium. I brought him to this position in an easy, fluid way, touching his back and gently nudging him forward so he found himself rocking forward without the usual strain toward verticality…”

It is a sure thing that you will not understand what I say

“I never told them, ‘Play with love.’ And yet, they committed themselves so totally to the task at hand, completely submerging themselves in creating a real phrase shape, creating a three-dimensional sound that lived in the hall and seemed to viscerally touch the listener, that they brought themselves to a state that I can only describe as playing with love…”

Glueing The Thumb to the Forefinger in Piano Technique

“Another problem I am having is REALLY understanding (ie, visualizing) the meaning of STANDING the thumb on the keyboard…”