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Piano Technique: That Evanescent Moment of Integration

“And then I remember something Thomas Mark said: we should try and free ourselves from the experience of any fixed point of stability within our body, but of course fixed points of stability do exist: for the pianist they’re the bench and the piano key. Just for a moment I can catch the flavour of my entire body like a whip-like, skeletal chain – a writhing, snake-like entity between two points of suspension, the key and the bench…”

Balancing the work of the lumbricals and the long & short flexors in piano technique

“Transferring the looseness of my Aikido training to the piano involves reinstating a certain muscularity in my finger attacks, after a period of cultivating completely bony skeletality with an absolute minimum of muscular effort…”

A piano exam IS a concert – fear of the judges is unfounded

“Do you know what an exam jury wants the most? MUSICAL PLAYING! If you could only understand how we LONG for the moment when a student plays with HEART, with SOUND, with FEELING, with LIFE! That really makes our day!”