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Kathleen Riley: Electronic Enhancement of Piano Technique

“Throughout the piano playing community there is a widespread failure to maintain a healthy arch in the hand. But the potent arch is a central tenet of Kathleen’s technique: her work with the sensors and graphs had confirmed that without that fundamental structure working well, tension levels go sky high, and when the arch becomes potent it helps the rest of the system calibrate to much lower levels of tension…”

Nothing New in My Approach to Piano Technique

“A pauper living alone on social assistance with his 5 cats, Andre Esterhazy was a former student of the great Henrich Neuhaus. He looked and played like Richter – “A complete Richter clone, in body type, hands on the keyboard, sound, musicianship, everything; it was uncanny,” Herr Balser told me…

Collapsing the hand’s arch on purpose in piano technique?

Her hand reminded me of the pictures I had seen in a book on the technique of Marie Jaell, the student of Liszt who taught in Paris. Her hand was tense, her arm stiff, she was obviously struggling and knew so; she just didn’t know what to do about it. But when I lifted up the center of her arch, she said, “But my teacher said to keep that top knuckle down, to press it down as low as possible.”