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A Post NOT About piano technique: Obama’s historic victory

“After 8 long years of Bush – a fresh start! Entrenched interests stand in the way, but Obama’s victory brings a chance for the US to finally join with the world community to take on pressing challenges on climate change, human rights, and peace. After years, even decades of distrust, let’s seize this moment of unity, reconciliation and hope to send a message of warm congratulations and invitation to work together to the new President and the American people…”

The Various Guises of Skeletality in piano technique

When it was my turn, Kemal’s response was, “Hey, you don’t do anything you write in your book!” He then proceeded to show me what he meant, but to get me more skeletal he showed me that he was actually doing something a little bit different from what I wrote in my book. If you bunch your thumb and forefinger close together and then slide them forward on the desk surface, taking no care to keep your arch strong but on the contrary, letting it go and mash itself down, you begin to get an idea of how his hand feels on the keyboard when he plays. This seems sacrilege, heresy yes? To let the arch go so much? Well it turns out there’s a good reason…”

The Strength of an Ordinary Egg and Piano Technique

“You may be wondering why I posted this at a piano technique blog. It’s because of a similar segment in my film where I liken the hand’s arch structure to the light, tensile strength of a geodesic dome… or an egg…”