Revised Second Edition

Release Date December 1, 2010

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Why the need for a Second Edition?

  • New, updated material developed by Prof. Fraser since the book’s initial publication in 2003

Although the main thesis of The Craft of Piano Playing remains as incisive and relevant as ever, there are certain aspects that Prof. Fraser feels needed tweaking. Much of his research found its way into Honing the Pianistic Self-Image, but some pieces of the puzzle fit better in Craft. Whole new chapters on Arm Rhythm and The Body’s Participation in Healthy Hand Arch Generation are found alongside new material derived from the research of respected colleagues such as Seymour Fink (Mastering Piano Technique) and Thomas Mark (What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body). And Fraser has streamlined the language through most of the book: it’s a leaner, cleaner text that hasn’t lost its easy, conversational tone.

  • New Table of Contents

- Actually now three TOC’s: summary, standard and detailed formats
- Organizes the material into learning modules and makes overall navigation much easier
- Provides handy links between the book and relevant DVD chapters

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