Viewer Response

…from the American Northwest…

Injury-Free Piano Technique

Hello Maestro Alan,

Legato, the foundation of piano technique, generating the integrity of hand's archMany greetings to you from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Bellingham, Washington. The arrival of your DVD three days ago was much anticipated. I think I watched the 8-minute demo of your DVD on YouTube about 10 times! I want to first express my deep gratitude and appreciation for all the work you and your colleagues did in producing the DVD. You see Alan, after watching your DVD and implementing just the info from chapter one on looking at the arch structure of one’s hand, I was able to sit down and play the piano without pain and residual discomfort for one hour, which is something I haven’t been able to do in SEVEN years. I got tendonitis seven years ago, and thus my search for preventative, injury-free piano technique started. I have spent literally thousands of dollars along the line, and I still continued to play with discomfort and pain. ——

An approach to piano technique that makes sense… the ‘aha!’ moment…

Then…your DVD arrived and it hit me like a brick. You see, your approach to technique makes the most sense bio-mechanically, physiologically, and sonically. When I saw that first clip of Brailowsky playing Chopin’s A-flat waltz, The hand as a cathedral arch - from The Craft of Piano Playingand that camera shot under his hands showing that beautiful cathedral arch you so expertly demonstrated, I about fell off my chair. Then I started to mentally peruse all the internal images I have of seeing the greats perform. Really, I have seen all those videos you excerpted on your DVD; actually I own all those videos! And so on a very simplistic basis I started implementing just a few ideas you suggested, and you were right on the nose. Do you realize that when I put both my hands up to a wall, like you did in the video, the arches and joints in my hands all went flat!!! There was no arch structure, and you were right on when you said that the arch structure is generally the weak link in all of piano technique. Then you backed it up with that cool anecdote about Neuhaus and what he did to students’ hand arches. I mean I could go on and on about the million “ah-ha” moments I had while watching your DVD. I am completely exhilarated and convinced about the soundness and caliber of your teachings and discovery. That’s the beautiful thing, you cared enough to take the time to really figure this stuff out and make a positive impact on people’s lives, and for that I am truly thankful.

Learning to improve piano technique can be fun too!

On a side note, I am also Canadian, having been born in the Vancouver area, and hearing your Canadian accent was a real treat. Also, you are an absolute riot to watch!  My wife heard me laughing my head off and asked, “I thought you were watching a piano technique video?” and then you fell off the bench…..that was great!! I could go on and on but I know your time is valuable and precious but I just wanted you to know that 10,000 miles away you helped make a difference in the life of one pianist (and I’m sure thousands more to come). If it’s OK with you, I’ll keep you updated on my progress with implementing the other aspects you address in the DVD, and I am going to tell all my musician friends as well as some great professors of piano here at Western Washington University. I want to do all I can to help you get the word out about your DVD.

Thanks again for helping serve your fellow man.
Many Blessings to you in Novi Sad!



…from Hungary…

Dear Alan Fraser,

I came across your activity due to YouTube, I accidentally found 10 videos of a masterclass which you’d had in Austria. I became very curious and I placed my order on your website a week ago.
I got the DVD today !:-))
I just want to say that I think it’s incredible. I mean, I m going to digest all your thoughts  and put into my every day’s piano practice. I think I found what I’ve been looking for years now. Thank you for making that DVD and for sharing your piano technique.
Sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker, however I fully understand your speech since I spent 2 years in Canada:-) So I thank you so much for sending me your DVD, it’s really a gem!

Best regards and lots of luck in life !

Z. K.-N.