The Craft of Piano Playing DVD

Based on his book of the same name, Fraser’s first DVD uses recent advances in biomechanics to replace both tension and over-relaxation with effective hand activation based on optimal skeletal alignment.

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“A fascinating DVD, a ‘must have’ for any pianist wishing to master their technique.”

- La Lettre du Musicien, France

The film promises pianists from beginners to professionals an astonishing enhancement of the colours and sonority one can draw from the instrument, and offers teachers new, effective solutions for their students’ most common technical problems.

‘A guaranteed huge improvement to your piano sound‘

- PianoNews, Germany

Fraser links musical expression to the hand’s innate structure and function to create an “absolutely natural way of moving at the piano, both powerful and flexible” (PianoNews, Germany).

“Fraser is an engaging and informative host”

- International Piano, Great Britian

The Craft of Piano Playing DVD, in English with subtitles in German, French and Serbian, has detailed menus in all four languages allowing for exceptionally easy navigation to any point in the film, making it a highly effective pedagogical tool. Featuring classic exercises from the original book plus several from his more recently Honing the Pianistic Self-Image, this DVD complements the book’s in-depth investigations with an immediate, tangible experience of Alan Fraser’s teaching.

A valuable addition to any music library, The Craft of Piano Playing DVD offers insights into the hand’s innate capacities of movement and organization that will prove valuable to pianists at all levels. Teachers can use these ideas as well to develop a whole new dimension in their relationship to the piano and piano teaching.

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