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Alan Fraser has composed numerous choral and vocal works, but unfortunately they still lie gathering dust in the archives – no recorded performances to date. However, he has been put on disc as a composer-arranger for the Arthur Leblanc String Quartet. When they put out an album of Christmas carol arrangements on the AMBEROLA label, two of Alan Fraser’s arrangements were included.

Alan Fraser writes, “In both of these arrangements I found the variations form most rich in its possibilities. Go Tell It On The Mountain just begged for a jazzy interpretation, and I even gave the first violin a Stephane Grapelli-style solo where he or she can really let loose. The variations form freed me from the constrictions of the fine melody of When A Child Is Born, and gave rise to a fairly classic set that takes us through a variety of musical historical periods.”

Joy to the World – Le Quator Arthur Leblanc

Go Tell It On The Mountain
When A Child Is Born