Recital & Studio Recordings

From a 1994 recording session in Montreal (unedited takes):

Scarlatti Sonata in E major

Liszt Ballade in B minor

Scriabin 5th Sonata

Alan Fraser Recital in Morlupo, Italy, 1995

Chopin Nocturne in C minor

Liszt Sursum Corda

Liszt Ballade in B minor

Scriabin Vers la Flamme

Scriabin 3rd Sonata 1st mvt.

Scriabin 3rd Sonata 2nd mvt.

Scriabin 3rd Sonata 3rd-4th mvts.

Medtner Fairy Tale in E minor

Medtner Fairy Tale in F minor

Medtner Fairy Tale in E flat major

Encore: Rachmaninoff Sonata in B flat minor 3rd mvt.

Alan Fraser Studio Recording 1989 – Montreal

Mozart Sonata in F major K 332

1st mvt. Allegro

2nd mvt. Adagio

3rd mvt. Allegro assai

Debussy Images Book I

Reflets dans l’eau

Hommage a Rameau


Chopin Ballade in G minor Op. 23

Program Notes

Of the Scriabin 5th Sonata Fraser writes, “The difficulty of interpreting this work is managing the transitions between the sonata’s languourous, sultry eroticism and its frenetic, ecstatic energetic explosiveness. The inexorable forward momentum of the coda tends to get cut because of the leaps to the bass notes, but if you can time them right, the whole section develops an energy that is positively electrifying.”

Of the Scriabin 3rd Sonata he writes, “One main problem with the first movement is tempo: too rushed and it loses its grandeur and monumentality, too slow and it becomes pedantic. I spent a long time trying different tempi to get it just right: this particular performance is admittedly on the slow side but it does give the music space to speak in a particular way…” This recording from a concert in a converted convent near Rome, on a Yamaha C5 piano…

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