Sonya Ardan – The Craft of Piano Playing

Photographer and graphic artist Sonya Ardan lives in Novi Sad, Serbia where she teaches photography in a graphic arts high school. She sketched Alan Fraser’s hands for The Craft of Piano Playing using ordinary photocopy paper and pencil. She manages to bring a much greater sense of movement and gesture to his hands than still photos could have done, and compliments for her work have been as expansive as this comment from one reader: “How did you get Leonardo to draw for you? I thought he’s been dead for several hundred years!”

Sonya & Alan have continued their collaboration in his most recent book, Honing the Pianistic Self-Image: Skeletal Based Piano Technique.

In The Craft of Piano Playing, it was necessary to reduce the size of Sonya’s original drawings because of space limitations . For those of you who fell in love with her eloquent renditions of the piano-playing hand in various ’actures’, click on the thumbnail to see gloriously detailed, almost full-size reproductions, arranged roughly in the same order of appearance as in the book. To download the image, right click and “Save As.”