Dacic: Hommage à Horowitz

Misha Dacic (pronounced ‘Datsich’) was the brightest star in our Academy echelon of piano students. I’ll never forget hearing his entrance exam in 1994 where he played the Chopin Etude Op. 25 #7 with such virtuosity and poetry that we were all both dumbfounded and completely moved. At age 16 he was already a fully mature musician, who still of course had much to learn.

I helped prepare Misha for the Liszt Competition in Budapest in 1996, and there Lazar Berman heard him and immediately invited him to come study in Imola, Italy. When Misha returned to Novi Sad 5 years later, he needed to record something to send to America. In one day we did the recording session on our Academy’s beat-up old Steinway, with one string broken (we had no time to get the tuner to fix it). The next day I spent 16 hours straight editing the whole disc. The following day he sent that CD off to Gisella Brodsky of the Miami International Piano Festival. Once Gisella heard Misha, his future in Miami was set. He made his debut there later that same year, and the rest, as they say, is history…

I am happy and proud to present here the entire, original CD recording, Misha Dacic: Hommage à Horowitz.

Nikolai Medtner: Sonata Reminiscenza in A minor

Frederic Chopin: Rondo in E flat major

Arakdy Volodos-W. A. Mozart: Turkish March

Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in A minor

Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in G major

Liszt-Horowitz-VolodosDacic: Rakoczy March

Frederic Chopin: Mazurka in C sharp minor

Georges Bizet-Vladimir Horowitz: Carmen Fantasy

Vladimir Horowitz: Waltz in F minor

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