Martinovic: Goldberg Variations

Ratko Martinovic, another outstanding pianist to be formed by Kemal Gekic, recorded the Goldberg Variations on the fine Hamburg Steinway in Subotica, in northern Serbia near the Hungarian border, where Alan Fraser earlier recorded Russian Recital. This time Alan was the recording engineer and digital sound editor. Because of the precise and complex nature of Bach’s polyphony, the editing process was particularly arduous, but we trust that the end result justified all that suffering!

These Goldbergs are intimate, expressive, passionate, widely ranging in mood and intensity – from the abject sadness and loneliness of the middle minor variations, to the ubridled joy and exuberance of the dances. And Martinovic achieves this not by short-changing the music’s polyphonic elements but rather by bringing each melodic strand to its full expressive potential through an astonishing attention to articulation and balance between the voices.  All told, this performance discovers the Goldbergs anew as one of the pinnacles of our piano literature.

Bach: Goldberg Variations Part One

Bach: Goldberg Variations Part Two

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