International Piano (UK) Nov-Dec 2006


This new 90-minute DVD from Maple Grove Music Productions is based on the technique book of the same name by Alan Fraser, published in 2003. Alan Fraser also fronts this well-produced DVD, and is an engaging and informative host. Although the DVD can be used in conjunction with the book, it also works well on its own.

An engaging, informative piano technique DVD based on principles of hand structure

The Craft of Piano Playing is based on principles of hand structure and its relation to piano. The opening section of the DVD goes into this topic in depth, and is an essential grounding for anyone really wishing to explore Fraser’s methods. For those who are more interested in getting started with hands-on exercises there is plenty on offer, from ‘thumb-rolling’ and ‘wrist flips’ to the ‘windshield wiper.’ A well-designed interface for the DVD makes moving between sections and finding specific exercises very straightforward. Although it is aimed at teachers, this DVD should also prove to be a very useful resource for any player interested in hand technique.