Kemal Gekic: Legato Vs. Non-Legato in Piano Technique

August 24th, 2007

A piano lesson with Kemal Gekic

After a month home in Prince Edward Island where I took time off from the cottage to perform in old St. Paul’s Church in Charlottetown, I am back in Europe. Kemal Gekich and I met for a few days in Novi Sad – he was returning from a recital in Turkey and on his way back to Miami, while I was home for just a few days before running off to Munich to teach…

At a certain poing physical legato can actually inhibit your piano technique

We worked together – that was something! I’ll write more about it in my next book, but the basic theme of our interaction was – watch out now – how limiting a physical legato becomes when you really want to open your sound up! It turns out that if you root your finger in the key to provide a stable, accurate fulcrum to the next finger, that “anchor” begins to function like a handcuff – it limits the amount of movement available to the playing finger. You actually have to LET GO of the standing finger if you want the next finger to move in a completely untrammeled way!

This is bizarre! But the proof is in the pudding – his sound has gone through the roof, and when he showed me how he was doing it, it didn’t take me long to get the same kind of blazing melodic tone that will fill a whole hall with light and colour and vibration…

More later, I got so excited while writing this that I gotta go practice!

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