My first blog entry – playing an acoustically ‘wet’ hall

June 7th, 2007

The creation of a piano technique blog

We just created this thing and I have no experience with blogs – I never read one or commented on one! However, we thought it would be a Good Thing to have some sort of online journal where I could share with you my latest musings, ramblings, insights, observations, experiences with students, experiences with my own playing.

Concert preparation: exactitude of finger movement & articulation comes in handy in a wet hall

Tomorrow evening some of my students will give a two piano, four hands recital in our local concert hall.  I have been working with two duos, Maya Alvanovich -Irina Mitrovich, and Leyla and Anita Elmazi (yes, they are sisters). Working with them in the hall has been a real eye-opener. Acoustically it is extremely wet – the hall pedals everything, and now they are finally appreciating the value of all that work we did on finger movement and clarity of articulation.

Piano technique concerns fade away as music leaps into the foreground

But what I love most about concert preparation is the transition from “technical” to “musical” concerns, as we integrate all the physical knowledge needed to play well, and subsume ourselves more and more in the dramatic and spiritual content of the music.  All four of them have mastered the program well enough to be sinking deeper and deeper into a state of altered listening, where their hyper-sensitivity to balance of voices, tone, and phrase breath start to make the music happen by itself.

I wish you could all join me tomorrow evening – maybe eventually we will do “blog-casts” but one step at a time, eh?


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